Thursday, December 30, 2010

KISS ubuntu on a tablet for grandma || WIP

What I really wish worked but doesn't because unity's bar likes thinking my tablet pen clicks are drag-and-drops, and can't make sure that single-click always brings that icon's window above everything else:

Tabmixplus settings: TMPpreferencesfirefox.txt

 [post in progress:]
out-of-box, ubuntu 10.10 maverick meerkat works mighty fine on fujitsu t4220 lifebook. suspend, brightness, suspend. hibernate I'm not sure about.

wubi install in chinese
vista: change boot order
ubuntu: autologin after 3 secs
ibus -- gconf-editor, super_l (not mod4, not super) to next-in-menu,
i wish tegaki was more useful :/
theme: giant red cursor, noticeable scrollbars
appearance: giant font sizes
firefox: giant font, tabmixplus settings to "single window single tab" mode, gmail autologin, minimalist gmail extension (last update: aug 2010, not completely function as of today but still nice), disable check for add-on updates, disable history except for cookies, install adblockplus, some flash stuff
firefox: add bookmarks, remove other buttons from toolbars, set homepage to gmail
gmail settings: keyboard shortcuts off, hide a lot of labels, Fail: about:config not needed, Fail: Prism doesn't work, Fail: it's ~/桌面 not ~/Desktop

discover "bug"? where dragging ibus language bar to any of unity's bars "locks" the bar :/ to fix, have to log-out, select "U. desktop edition, log-in and fix, log-out, select "UNR", log-in. I guess if you place it correctly, keeps me from having to worry about grandma dragging around the language bar. LB only needed because Pinyin allows switch to English, but this isn't reflected anywhere except on language bar, while turning Ibus on/off (aka switching to English) is reflected in notification area. Also, I hate that I can't move the Ibus icon around or make it larger.

lol at the random popups that turn up in english

ubuntu: disable screen locking (screensaver and suspend), edit power settings, disable automatic updates
remove crap from unity default menu, struggle in main to remove rest of icons, Fail: one desktop, experiment with double-click vs single-click, Fail: cannot change unity icons / menu bar size,

contemplate UROP working on ibus or a chinese handwriting recognition engine. could earn mone and chill with grandma more.

reflect that chrome netbook app was teh fails since i didn't describe my vision of an all-GUI gmail interface. nor integrating with chinese handwriting recognition.

:/ if only ibus and tegaki worked better. i skipped reading 小王子 with grandma for this, but i don't feel like I accomplished all that much...

Fail: can't solve issue of double-click unity, firefox is left with "another process already running", which if you close working window, click or double-click on FF icon doesn't work. Must hit close. (also, that pop-up is entirely in English :/)

Mouse settings: maximum drag and drop, minimum double-click,
keyboard: don't repeat key when hold and press,

Switch to Sand theme for more visible scrollbars. To investigate: how to make that "blue outline" when you're in a particular text input box more visible.

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