Saturday, November 14, 2009


Depending on how stingy you are,
Techcash charges 2% for deposits up to $1.5
Therefore, you should make deposits OVER $75 if you want to "save" on deposits.

(Unlike sleep-deprived me, who made exactly $75 deposit and wondered what my reasoning was... Yay MIT! However, I'm not terribly concerned. $1.50 does not seem like much in the face of the $200+ I just lost in the form of my retainers.)

Also note, the minimum deposit is $5, but the minimum deposit fee is $0.50, so you should deposit at least $25 in one go.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Status 001

so yea I should be tooling on my overdue essay. Meh. I hate essays and I feel like being immature and flaking out for no reason. I kind of missing being a child now, I've waited so long for college and awesome adultness, but sometimes I am homesick. It's taken me three months, but I am homesick... It shouldn't be a surprise that the friendships I've formed here pale in comparison to the ones I've had for years. I think it should be called past-sick, resistance to change.

Anyway, enough musing, back to my already-late CMS.100 essay.

Friday, November 6, 2009

American Jiu Jitsu--Yellow Belt--Notes

yellow belt
defensive: hands near but not blocking face, talk loudly, don't back up! fewest steps needed to regain balance (don't get cornered)

fighting stance: hands in fists, close to face, elbows in, head tucked to protect the chin, feet form a diagonal and hips face slightly tilted (body off of angle of attack), free to move and punch in many directions

Kiba dachi: feet together, hands up, like beginning of class throwing punches ready stance.

general: take full steps

high: smell armpit and really tuck head behind arm, keep head up, large step forward into strike, 45deg and hips facing attacker, other hand always up protect

cross: sidestep and turn out of way, arm up just in case not quick enough, hands always close to body

low: sit back, keep hand fairly close to body and just open arm to push strike away

Tai sabaki (body movement) - can be accompanied by strikes
general: always facing attacker, have clear distinct movements (complete tai sabaki before attack), bring trailing foot back (full step),

Left & right front corner: 45deg step foward, backfist?, hands down in fighting stance not defensive stance--not blocks

Left and right side: side snap kick to groin (keep toes pointed down)

Left & right rear corner: front snap kick to groin

Hand strikes
general: should be hitting with first two knuckles of hand

jab vs cross: jab to distract (with weaker hand), can be powerful, test for openness to attack. cross has full power

Cross: stops at center of body, not exaggerated Mortal Kombat all the way through. Not wind body back--leg already back due to fighting stance, use that to swing forward.

Uppercuts: stay in same stance for both right and left (don't switch leading foot). Strike stop at your head level. Use motion of dropping down low, hips to create force (not from side, from drop low). Keep elbow close, hand comes out slightly for strike.

Rolls! They aren't tested? for yellow belt. However they frustrate me a lot so I want to practice them (also I fail at left front rolls). Not crashing down on arm, using arm to guide, so no won't break arm. Currently landing on shoulder too much.

Also apparently should not practice one thing too much in one day--get a good roll, give it a day or so and try again.