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[free] Open Office Resume Template for Undergraduates (MIT) - for UPOP

(free, I don't care how you use it)

[update 4/3/11: I've since changed the design based on feedback, primarily addressing the date/location formatting inconsistency, the small font, the multiple colors (shades of gray) and font sizes, and really killed more information off of my resume to make it less crowded.]

There's an openoffice (.odt) resume template there. Along with the
  • resultant PDF (or  
  • here if you prefer google docs), and a  
  • screenshot of what it looks like in OpenOffice if you want a preview (the table lines are invisible when you export it).
    [EDIT: 15 Nov 2010] I tried exporting to .doc; it's fairly messed up, but possibly fixable. I'm not interested in fixing it, but good luck.  
  • Here is the template in .doc

It looks nicer when it's filled in :)

It's what my current resume is based off of; sort of derived from one of the UPOP sample resumes (if you're in UPOP, sign in and see "Resources")
I remixed it from one of the openoffice templates, the one that has blue borders.

Also useful:

As a preview, this is what the English one looks like:


Anyway, documentation for my template:

The relevant styles (edit> styles and formatting, find the style you want, right-click and hit "modify") are

  • resume (for the leftmost column titles)
  • Heading 1 (for the company/lab names)
  • description/title (for the job descriptions)
  • bullet list (for all the bulleted text)
  • Default (for all the other text, dates, etc.)

If you want to change the order of your rows or something, you have to Create New Row, Copy Old Row and Paste into New Row, finally Delete Old Row.

However,  In openoffice, Copy & Paste either doesn't preserve the formatting (e.g. the date column) or doesn't copy anything at all is there's a "dimension mismatch" in a sense

Thus, for moving rows or creating new sections, note that there's two types of sections. (A)The "skills" section with just a field for bullet points, and (B) the "experience" section with a company name+date+location and a field for bullet points. (see screenshot if you're confused)

  • If you're moving same-type sections around:
    • Select (left-click, drag) appropriate (B) rows / (A) row, and Right-click> Row > Insert... > Before / After.
  • If you want a different section:
    • To move a section (A) from before (B) to after (B) (or vice verse)
      • Follow above to create new (B) section
      • Then select the row for (company name+date+location) and Right-click > Row > Delete
      • Copy over (A) contents
      • Delete old (A) row
    • To move (B) to before or after (A)
      • Think of it in terms of moving (A) to before or after (B) (yes, be an engineer and solve problems), because you can't "add rows" from (A) and then copy (B) over because (B) is "richer" than (A) so it won't "fit"

Yay, you keep it so that all the columns are aligned together.

For bullets, Format > Bullets and Numbering,
"width of numbering" is what really effects the spacing between the bullets and the text
"minimum space numbering <-> text" sets a minimum, so it may or may not effect your spacing
"indent" sets the spacing between the table cell boundary and your bullet

Also, see Format > Page if you want A4 instead of letter, or to adjust the page margins.

See Right Click > Table > Borders to adjust the "Spacing to Contents" fields

Also note the checkbox "Table Boundaries" when you right-click, that lets you toggle viewing of what it looks like when export to PDF, aka without the table boundary lines drawn in if you set Table > Borders to the "Line Arrangement" with no lines like I did.

View > Nonprinting Characters is useful for troubleshooting things like the mysterious, hard-to-get-rid-of blank line that appears after the table. (something about a table is attached to a paragraph so there always has to be a paragraph)

If you get a blank line which creates a new page after the table, go to the end of last cell in the table and hit "shift-ctrl-del" ("del" by itself on the blank line does nothing, and backspace goes into the table instead of removing the line). The line will come back if you save and re-open the document, though *shrug*

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