Saturday, November 6, 2010

6.005 svn and eclipse notes

recently updated to maverick, which broke many things.
also, have to install things on new windows 7 (which is a failed triple-boot and more like a single boot since I can't boot Ubuntu when the win7 drive is attached)

6.005 instructions are for Subclipse. When I reinstalled everything, I went with Subversive instead. So here are some instructions for installing Subversive:

Download eclipse for Java developers (unpack zip where you want, run eclipse, no "installation") Instructions for Helios:
  1. Help > Install New Software >
    • Work with: Pick "Helios -" (should be one of three given options)
    • Under "Collaboration" select Subversive SVN Team Provider (Incubation)
    Next >
    • Agree or not agree to license as you wish
    Install > (takes <10 seconds for me)
  2. Restart Eclipse.
  3. Window > Open Perspective > SVN Repository Exploring
  4. Automatically pops up: Install Connectors (Subversive Connector Discovery).
    Lists several options under Subversive SVN Connectors. I have no idea what the differences between the options mean. I picked SVN Java Kit 1.3.2 which seems to be working fine.

    "Install" (blah Connectors, blah SVNKit preselected for you) windows pops up

    Next >
    • Accept license agreement, if you so wish.
    Finish > Ok (to Software Warning)
  5. Restart Eclipse. (doh, this is silly, I could've sworn last time I only had to restart once, so these instructions are not optimal)
Now to add the 6.005 SVN repository. (remember to pull your folder via SVN Admin!)
  1. Window > Open Perspective > SVN Repository Exploring
    Click the [ ]+ button (the tiny one that looks like a cylinder with a green plus sign next to it)


    "There is a problem with this site's security certificate" > Trust Always >

    "User Credentials" > well yea, enter in the user name and password you created when you did Lab 0.1 > Ok

    "Create master password for recovery" > Yes or No as you wish. I hit No.


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