Saturday, December 25, 2010

ecommerce: magento vs. zencart vs. drupal ubercart

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Are you going to be using shared hosting (this is probably true for most small businesses at first)? Don't use Magento; it requires your own dedicated top-notch servers to run at good speeds. Magento is also extremely complex.

Are you solely ecommerce or do you want the flexibility to build a community around your products?
Use Drupal to build community. Also, searching for "migrating from zencart to drupal" gives more hits than vice versa; admittedly, only one or two major posts, but reasonable enough.

Do you need multilingual support?
Don't use drupal 6, the current version, because apparently it is made of fail. Wait for Drupal 7. While you're at it, consider waiting for UberCart 3, or its apparent competitor Drupal Commerce.

I think I'm returning to Zencart. Who needs social websites, anyway? x.x

Prestashop seems nice (although I really like the OpenCart backend and apparantly the Smarty template Prestashop uses is made of fail, there's not a good gallery of shiny opencart websites and free themes to convince me of the frontend). However, slow.

Loading times / speeds of zencart and prestashop:
( hitting refresh on the main page
on localhost server on my hp2140 )

  • Zencart with all sample data ("full install"): 1 second
  • Prestashop full install: 16 seconds =(
  • Prestashop simple install: 2.5 seconds

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