Saturday, December 25, 2010

[ctrl-shift-c]: chrome "inspect element" versus gnome terminal "paste" rant

Merry Christmas all! :)

I've been having a lot of fun doing all the things I wanted to do during the semester, but didn't have time to (thanks MIT). Unfortunately, this isn't "developing girl crushes" or "playing more games" or "watching TV" or even "hanging out with friends IRL." It's been "let's learn drupal, and certificates, and try to understand fourier transforms, and not fail classes next semester [:/ this is already starting to stress me out], and learn Chinese, and hang out with my family." Now there's only a week of Winter Break left before I head back to MIT and do Everything Ever during IAP. O__o;

Mrmm. Maybe there's something wrong with me. Oh well! :D

[rant follows]
Anyway, I wanted to say, WHY? Why is Chrome's "inspect element" keyboard shortcut set to [ctrl-shift-c] and, more importantly, why can't I change it? 

GNOME terminal uses [ctrl-shift-c] as the shortcut for copying (because [ctrl-c] isn't paste but rather "quit this thing right NOW") so I'm in the terrible habit of always hitting both by default now. But then I'm pasting code from Chrome and this "Inspect Element" thing comes up and eats an inch out of my 5 vertical inches of screen-space and now I've got this weird blue box following me around and my netbook is like "uhm what no haz processing power" and I'm like "aughhh I just wanted to copy something" and then I escape out of Inspect Element (hint: hit [ctrl-shift-c] again) and I try to [ctrl-shift-v] in terminal and it turns out that in the midst of fighting with Chrome, I'd totally forgotten about hitting [ctrl-c] as well. So nothing copies. Except now I go back and there's a good chance that since I just hit [ctrl-shift-v] in terminal, now I'm going to try to hit [ctrl-shift-c] in Chrome, AGAIN.

Also, however Chrome is integrating flash [video], it fails mightily compared to FF. I can run vimeo movies without skip in FF but not so for Chrome.

FF does seem slow on most pages compared to Chrome though, but that may be because of the 800 plugins I have installed.

Also, the download bar in Chrome is useful, but can't they have an "autohide" or "slide out" option? because it eats up 10% of my vertical screen space. It's like viewing the world through blinders.
[Edit 1/10/10: So it turns out there's an "x" all the way to the right that I missed due to having electrical tape covering that side of my screen]
Actually, I'd love it if the address bar only came up when I hit [ctrl-l] because I have everything else at my fingertips [ctrl-left arrow / right arrow], [ctrl-r] except for the delicious "tag" button (speaking of which, that's a rant for another time). Also, I'm forced to use the "system title bar" to have a good idea of what page I'm on (consider when I'm looking up answers on Ubuntu Forums and have 20 tabs open from that site... the favicons don't really help me distinguish pages). That bar eats up another 5% of vertical screen space, which is rather unfortunate.

Lately there's been these weird glitches, I think in both FF and Chrome, where the system title bar displays a page title for a page that I'm not on. Not sure if it's an effect of having 6000 tabs open, but I hadn't noticed it before a week ago.

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  1. I concur, that Chrome does not support keyboard shortcut customisation is unexplainable.