Sunday, December 12, 2010

So many things to learn!

I don't need to take a class to get permission to learn something.

I'm in course 2 (mechanical engineering) because I like 2.007 (robots! FRC!) and 2.008 (toy yo-yos) and 2.009 (product design). While I was looking forward to 2.009 to magically give me the skills to build everything ever, Charles has been building stuff for so long that he thinks of 2.009 as rather institutionalized and drawn out. Haha, such different perspectives.

also, because course 6 is very depressing to be in for someone coming in with relatively little background :)

things learned from failing my 6.005 project earlier this week: debug early. try out test-based coding. start inhaling caffeine earlier.
Also, ignore everyone else concerned about not getting As (I just want to pass, this semester. This semester was special, it's okay that I screwed up).

There's so many opportunities here. It's hard for me to keep a coherent idea of what I want to do.
* help out with Sana (software)
* help out with RFID cowtagging (hardware)
* continue work with La Vaquita
* do better in classes
* UROP in research, not building
* interact with people on hall more
* learn more about energy
* do mediocre in classes, make awesome things / work on my own crazy ideas
* do mediocre in classes and making things, participate in awesome activities (jiu jitsu, caving, radio, newspaper, flying, debate, a gazillion things that I'd like to know more about)
* talk to my grandma more
* talk to my friends more
* sleep more??
* draw, practice languages, cook

Speaking of conflicted identities, should I drink my tea sweet or bitter? As a Southerner or as a Chinese-American? :)

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