Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Wow, coding does not understand time limits. Everything takes 3x as long as hoped for... simple things turn out to not be so simple.

But I'm really happy. Despite maybe we won't finish on time, we definitely won't have the coolest project, but I'm happy to be getting course credit for learning to code. I'm happy that I have an excuse to burn hours coding.

This is only possible, of course, because I have less homework this week-- I don't have 2 psets, which if done fully would require roughly 10 hours each.

I should be studying, though, which is the point of no psets. Oh well. I think I'll just enjoy my caffeinated sleep-deprived moment, where I marvel at the difference between my confidence at the beginning of the semester and the end of the semester.
"I can't code" -> "If only I could code more efficiently, could code better..."

But I'm not daydreaming about all the things I wish I could do if only I could code... I'm having fun chomping down on little chunks of coding ideas and really learning stuff.

And my team members are really nice and supportive.

Now back to coding a networked anti-battleship game in Java... oh and throw in the design amendment with cheating and hash checking and AI... now force-feed to students, some of whom have never written any GUI or network code before :)

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