Sunday, January 2, 2011

ohloh: should have more features, because I'm not interested in donating toward many open-source projects now, but it would be cool to see how much developers are asking for, and then when I am no longer a student, or if I make money using their software, I can see. Also, it'd be cool to see an average of self-reported earnings using open-source software (perhaps excluding things like apache? maybe just targeted at small-business?).

This could help persuade the Small Business government people to subsidize open-source software development, although it has to be done carefully to make sure it doesn't drag around the focuses of open source software unduly. Then people wouldn't try to charge money for really useful features, because no matter if they spent a large amount of time on it, I'm not going to pay for it if I'm trying to bootstrap myself, and I'm forced to reinvent the wheel. I would, however, be willing to pay for modules if eventually I make money (?).

Kind of like the whole subsidizing fertilizer versus vouchers or lending credit which simply shifts the burden to when they have money (right after harvest) instead of when they likely have a lot less money (right before planting).

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