Saturday, January 22, 2011

MIT Libraries, tips and tricks Use Worldcat search, no one uses Barton search. Integrates book requests, and is generally awesome.

Finding books that MIT Libraries doesn't own:
Boston Library Consortium (BLC Request): 2-3 days. Pick up at MIT Libraries.
Minuteman network: Does not deliver to MIT. Pickup at any of the Cambridge Public Library locations (closest one, O'Connell, is closed for now. Others may be close to EZRide. Central Branch has the longest hours). Must apply for card in person.
Boston Public Library: Does not deliver to MIT. Right across the river. Can get an E-Card online and access for online books (of course, they're all DRM'd like crazy and it's ***  err "fun" getting them to work on Ubuntu).

Also available: request books that you think MIT Libraries should own.

Proquest library (O'Reilly books, including Confessions of a Public Speaker):

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