Friday, August 28, 2009

Status Update...

Well, MIT admissions 2010 blogger results are out! As one of the 23 who didn't make it, I restored this blog to its pre-application, pre-gimmicky status as more of a notes blog than a personal blog. I can't resist saying, however... :) That enough free sushi at Bluefin to make me feel quite full, and on top of that two scoops of free Toscanini ice cream (mango and strawberry, mmm), make me verrryy happy. Although 'twas picture fail, because I was so excited by the sushi that I forgot to take any pictures to show my family the awesomeness of MIT. Oh, and not getting electrocuted by bad soldering on our underwater robot in the Zeisger swimming pool. That's always good. (yay for Discover Ocean Engineering, my FPOP!) Note: How to Get Around MIT, htgamit, remains free for incoming freshmen. It runs to a pretty crazy 400 pages this year, filled to the brim with juicy tips about MIT life. People should be manning a table in W20, the student center (near the front, on the side near Kresge), with stacks of books. Bring your ID 'cos they'll cross you off a list of frosh. Haven't seen them in Lobby 10 yet. Other things to do: Get a COOP membership, sign waivers for the Z-center.

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