Friday, August 28, 2009

Shock Value

So on my way back to EC, my temp dorm, after dinner tonight (Chinese takeout! whee!), I grabbed a copy of The Tech (MIT's student newspaper) which had a REX schedule under "The Daily Confusion." This version had, uhm, some discrepencies with the official guide passed out on the 2nd floor of W20, the Student Center. Such as a one-track mind on sexual topics, apparently.

Passing along an upperclassman's thoughts, as delivered to us clueless [pre-]frosh: Not all East Campus (the region, not the dorm) people flamoyantly display their [sexual, whatever] deviancy. Not all EC people "snobbishly" think West Campus people reek of uncool normalcy. Unfortunately, some of the loudest EC people remain some of the most "anti-WC" criers.

So sayeth one person.

Seriously, come check out all the EC floors and people, not just take a look at the newspaper or some of the uhm paper-mache contructions and get turned off. EC people don't bite too hard. Even if no one goes out of their way to say hi, or they all seem busy, just walk up, ask if you can help with anything, and sooner or later people will notice "hey, frosh!" and start introducing themselves.

On a more personal side, I do feel like EC could be "home" (despite what my mom thinks, such as "Cooking for yourself?!"), regardless of my discomfort with some of the aforementioned frank talk and flamboyancy. But apparently 'tis a no-no thing to just settle in, so I suppose I will check out as many dorms as possible. Check out West Campus. (but they don't have midnight building parties in a wide-open space... Should I really look for the oh-so-important *perfect* people/attitude fit if I value these AFAIK EC-specific attributes so much? I am quite confused. Where else can you build wooden rollercoasters in your free time?).

REX... has begun.

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