Monday, August 31, 2009

Mailing Lists

More quick notes:
To subscribe to the free-food mailing list, type in
blanche -a kusername free-food
at an Athena prompt.

To subscribe to the Reuse mailing list(s), go to and sign up. See for more details / more ways to sign up (scroll to the very bottom).
Note that reuse is actually a Mailman list and not a Moira list so blanche doesn't work.

You'll first get an email asking you to confirm the subscription, and then you'll get a welcome email. (I thought I'd confirmed, but I never got a "Welcome" email... so I hadn't).

It sucks that, the MIT Office Outlook Web Access thing set up by default, doesn't have filters. I will need to figure out how to forward my email to gmail soon...

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