Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quote of the Day

Well, for a mild breather from my blogging spree, this brightened my day at work on Friday:
"My child has become a glutton" -- SWAP Kenya

And I thought those crazy titles in science fair were a peculiar phenomenon... it looks like "real scientists" do it too :) As for newspaper / blog writers, crazy titles are a given, heh.

Also, check out:
"More research of Sprinkles use and morbidity is needed to determine the safety of Sprinkles."
(from "Is Sprinkles Use Associated with Malaria Morbidity Among Young Children in Western Kenya?"
Sprinkles? Yea, that's right, Sprinkles, y'know, the multi-nutrient powder that's developed to address anemia and iron-deficiency, which leads to stunting and other problems. (ever wondered why North Koreans are so short? Now you know... ) (link's to the Google Talk, "Born and Raised in a Concentration Camp")

I know you weren't thinking of those sugary solids dispersed in a chaotic manner onto various treats (e.g. ice cream). Although obesity definitely causes morbidity...

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