Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Portfolio Apps for Engineers, comparison

It's internship-hunt time for undergrads~
I am pretty terrible at this whole process and don't really have a portfolio setup besides a picture slideshow off of picasa. This seems to not have received positive responses from people like Apple. Oops. ^___^;;

Yea, that's right, I literally emailed them a link to http://orangenarwhals.blogspot.com/p/projects.html. *sulks* I mean, surely the nyancats and hexapods would speak for themselves.

Some of my friends brought up that uhhh maybe this is not very professional and p.s. it looks like it was just thrown together.

This is true of course.

Then I contemplated making a real portfolio. But really, that's not what I want to spend time on right now. This is a common problem, surely there must be webapps for this...

Whoa look there's a list of portfolio apps!
Also, there are wordpress themes for portfolios.

In the end, I think Carbonmade wins out.

I like folio because they integrate videos from youtube/vimeo. Free version:
36 uploads, +mulitple image uploads, +mulitple galleries, +videos from youtube/vimeo.
-resume attachment. Which is fine for me, since I can just include a link to my resume pdf.
The main drawback is lack of theming, so I can't change the default homepage look so that it doesn't look so ugly with just two galleries.
paid features comparison: https://foliohd.com/upgrade

Mostly I like that youtube videos are integrated. Too bad there's not much choice in terms of free styles.

I would like ravael (esp. since they limit to 100mb, not to #pics) but I like the image display flash popup thing less, so they lose on theming, but they do allow custom themes (selection of layouts and then you upload a CSS file).
Paid features comparisonhttps://raveal.net/people/changeplan?execution=e1s1

Krop would win in terms of the default free aesthetic if they didn't limit me to ten images and no videos :( Also they don't allow multiple-image-at-once upload for free.
Free: Basic10 image limit, classic-light style only.
Paid featureshttps://www.krop.com/profile/creativepro/
(also, look, pretty art: http://www.krop.com/terryfan/)

Carbonmade wins on account of their user-interface and default free theming. Every change is live. And they allow a bit of homepage customization so that my homepage doesn't look so empty with just two galleries. But I can't integrate videos :(
Paid features comparison:  https://carbonmade.com/signup ($12/month for 50 projects500 images10 videos)
Free: 2 of 5 projects19 of 35 images0 of 0 videos

Magnt is more like ... I dunno, some sort of generic aggregated web presence. Does not fulfill my need for a photo/video portfolio of my projects.


I tried out Wix too, but don't like it as much. It's for general site-building, hich is nice and amazingly easy to use / customizable, but too much overhead for my dump-pictures strategy.

Ultimately, I hope to roll my own Flask site, but in the meantime. Back to psetting.

notes to self: list of ruby (jekyll) sites + source code
Themequery -- if only the galleries where recursive, hmm.
Best: http://wpesp.com/

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