Monday, March 5, 2012

N51 Machine Shop -- persuasive research


  •  a new kind of university centered on “integrated/holistic technologically centered education,”
  •  highlight an approach that is “interdisciplinary with fluid organizational boundaries” and include an emphasis on design and industrial involvement.

Feb. 2012

  • aims to become the world’s premier scholarly hub for technologically intensive design
  • SUTD will be research-intensive and bring the fruits of research into the classroom and into the marketplace. As the largest technically intensive design center in the world
  • new tools and methods for design practice and education. The IDC will be at the cutting edge of research into the interplay between the design of physical devices, processes and actual products and why people choose them. 
  • It plans to build a fabrication or testing facility to support student design projects. Equipment will be installed for 3-D printing, fused deposition modeling and laser cutting. 
  • To be the University of Choice for the top students in Singapore and the region
    • To attract top faculty
    • Establish a stable pedagogy and curriculum
    • To have a strong and stable senior leadership team
    • Strong endorsement from industry
    • Stable financial base and model
    Long Term
    • To be viewed as the best in the world for design education and research
    Core Values
    • Commitment to excellence
    • Leadership
    • Integrity
    • Passion and responsibility
    • Spirit of collaboration
    • Creativity and openness
    • Respect for individual

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