Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1 cm dot grid letter-size template, pdf & svg (for use as notebook paper)

I prefer faint dot grid over a) lined paper b) completely unlined paper (easy to write sideways) and c) box grids.

So I created 1cm dot grid paper, letter-sized for my 2.007 notebook (yay Inkscape). There are markings for roughly quarter page intervals, a header, and a footer.

a close-up of the pattern
Copytech copies pages at 5 cents each, and binds (for notebooks less than 80 pages, GHB binding) paper for $1.50 (larger sizes and different bindings cost more).

To print one or two copies, open it up in Evince (on DebAthena). Ctrl-P, select a printer, enter 1 or 2 copies, and make sure it says "Long side" (to print double-sided and have it flip the right way) and "1 to a page." Also, quality set to "600 dpi" (which it is by default), otherwise it won't print correct.
Alternatively, hit Ctrl-P, and type lpr -P[printername] -Zduplex -h 
("h" to toggle header on/off, duplex to print front and back)

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