Friday, September 10, 2010

6.005 installing software
ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) on mai netbook
my best guesses as to what packages to install:

Ubuntu Software Center (the shiny UI package manager) or synaptic or apt-get install

eclipse (Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE)

then install subclipse

if you have a slow processor
eat some ice cream and come back after ten minutes
the progress bar hangs @ 60% for a while, just let it run (don't Force Quit eclipse like me and deal with stupid errors)

[Edit 7-Dec-2010] Note that the eclipse package that comes with Ubuntu (the one that's installed if you go to [Ubuntu Software Centre]) is an outdated version, Galileo. Because subclipse or just SVN access got very messed somehow during my update from Lucid to Maverick, I ended up downloading the newer version directly from the Eclipse website.
I do like Helios more, however note that if you install Galileo, don't completely uninstall it, and then download and untar Helios, funky things happen. For instance, I use the DockBarX applet (aka win7-like GUI for managing windows) and if I run Helios from the directory I unpacked it in, the eclipse icon will associate with Helios appropriately, but clicking on the icon if no eclipse is running will launch Galileo. Of course, one can easily without [right-click>Properties>Edit Launcher] and pick out the right file to launch.

[edit 8 dec 2010]