Saturday, September 11, 2010

random mit websites
interesting concept, not sure if still actively used, entirely Sloan graduate students and six undergrads.
fell out of use after last semester, doesn't seem to be maintained (all the classes people are signed up for are from last semester)

there are some really weird posting there. bad taste (chorallaries concert) picked out some highlights.
quotes from MIT classes (sub to personal classes [of friends] on zephyr for more quotes)
and whereis, and ... see previous post (tips and tricks for frosh)

Nice talks (video)
(Have you seen the machining ones? Nice way to get a base even if you don't remember everything.
More nice talks (video)
some good pdfs on there from past talks
Of course. (Also useful when studying for exams, often has old finals esp. for GIRs). Have you seen Walter Lewin's lectures? They're amazing. Physicists are amazing, whatever my dad may say :)
~Oh dear. I could go on forever. So many videos to watch while doing laundry. (I was so engrossed in these during charcoal sorting UROP that I lost my ID and keys, a.k.a. $45 official value, in a random tub...)
international opportunities
international development opportunities (link's a bit buried
volunteer opportunities
Will be a nice place for ideas shortly. (in beta)
Check out the PSC blog in the meantime

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