Thursday, April 12, 2012

Great success! deleting blogger posts from google reader cache

So I accidentally this blog post here instead of on my private blog, and I immediately remembered being perplexed by how to delete test posts from google reader's cache a few years ago. It turns out you can't delete posts, but you can overwrite their content. Except I already "deleted" the post from the frontend, so how the heck do I edit the content of the post? @__@

Now that superuser exists, it's to the rescue!

I found this tutorial:

Sort of linked from here:
Except the superuser link is to a ruby script, and it was much more useful to just do it by hand when I just had my most recent post to "unblog" instead of bothering with trying to install ruby / run it on windows *shudders*

I just changed the "post options" timestamp to 10 minutes later,  refreshed google reader, and voila my private content is gone and instead you see... this post :)

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  1. Hi, I am having the same issue and I ran into your " how to" delete posts from Google reader. The link you posted on how to delete posts from central Google reader isn't going to the site specified...