Wednesday, May 25, 2011


sometimes it seems as if literature has such power to inspire and heal, and technology such power to drive humanity to destruction. but I suppose it goes both ways, and I should stop trying to pretend I'm not human. People are irritating, I'm a person, I'm irritating, and you know what? Who gives a piece of cake, it's fine that I'm human and flawed.

Mmm, cake. :D Yay indulgences of life during the summer... Wait, this is terrible, during term I justified it as stress-eating. >__> <__<

Wikipedia says of monasticism,
Sādhus strive to treat all with respect and compassion, whether a person may be poor or rich, good or wicked, and to be indifferent to praise, blame, pleasure, and pain.
Well, screw that, I'm not at that stage yet and have no desire to reach it. I want to be human and love and hate and not censor myself...

but I will still totally take up immortality. To have infinite time to learn things, why would anyone give up such a chance? Am I merely out of touch with being human, with passion and emotion and such, that I am only dimly able to fathom people who wish to die as their loved ones die?

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