Saturday, October 2, 2010

trips to nyc

if you buy early enough, price Boltbus ~= price chinatown bus (e.g. fung wah) ~= $15. And there is slow internet and power on the Boltbus.

Fung Wah bus runs out of Canal Street, Chinatown NYC, until 11pm.
2 am buses do sell out, at least on the website.

Chinatown shops start closing around 8pm and most of the pastry shops are closed by 9pm.
Fruit seems to be marked up significantly at night, as opposed to midday.

Fung wah tickets are good for any time in the day. Or at least my 7pm one worked fine for 9pm. So probably a good idea to check-in and get in line early if you really need to make some time, because people from other times may join in.

If you can't find a printer, holding your laptop screen up to the check-in window works fine.

8 pm is probably the latest for leaving NYC and catching the Red Line.
The last Red Line train leaves South Station around 12:45 am (not midnight). Earliest one is 5 am. South Station closes at night, so if you're coming in on the bus, stay at the bus station if you're going to wait it out.

Chinatown buses have sketchy accident rates.

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